Support Is Essential

June 30, 2017 This Post has been adapted from the Got Celiac? blog BY DALLAS MORABBI, THE GF PEACH GAL


This past month has been one of the most challenging since my diagnosis for so many reasons.

One of those being that the illnesses that I have are so misunderstood. Fibromyalgia is called a lonely disease. I completely agree with that statement.

I experience it everyday being in the military environment. They simply can not grasp the idea that someone who looks healthy on the outside can constantly be in so much pain. Recently I have noticed that this pain is robbing me of activities I used to enjoy.

"Well you look ok," "I wish I was as thing as you," "can't you just tak medicine for that," "why can't you work a full day."

Those are just a sample of the comments I get everyday. I do my best to put on a smile and fight through the pain while I try to explain as much as I can to educate people.

However, even trying to explain my illness wears me out physically , emotionally , and mentally.I have lost so many friends and play dates for my lil guy because I just some times feel like I don’t want to push through the pain like I typically do, go out and feel like crap the next day.

And I don’t keep in touch with others like I used to. Because I always get the question "how are you?" Then I am troubled with do I answer, "well you know I am not doing well" and reel off the symptom list . Typically I go with either I am good, ok, or fine just becaue I don't want to deal with the follow-up questions on what I got and how to get better.

My Support

I realized how truly lonely having these invisible illnesses are because I have been away from my greatest support , best friend, love of my life my husband.

Granted he doesn’t know how I actually feel but he can tell when I feel awful or if I tell him I don’t feel like doing that, he doesn’t ask a million questions why or push me . I am continually thankful for him .

Recently many of our plans have fallen through on how we thought our near future was going to be . Which if anyone knows me I am a type A kinda gal. I like to plan, be organized and have a well thought out plan for anything.

Well I think God has been trying to show me that I am NOT in control he is. I believe that is one of my weaknesses in my faith I need to rely on him and understand I am NOT in control I need Jesus take the helm and continuously pray that he unfolds the plan to us. I am thankful that God has revealed some of his plan for us and I am determined to make the lemons that I have been dealt (health) into lemonade ( still waiting on answer from the big guy upstairs on what that is but I know I am heading in the right direction ).

Thanks for reading my thoughts. If there are any fellow people that could relate to anything I said and just wants a person to talk to about spoonie life and be able to relate – message me . Having support is the biggest asset anyone can have.

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  • Who is your support team?
  • How do you explain your illness?
  • Any tips or tricks you can share with others?