Socializing When You Have Celiac Disease



I have been gluten free since February 2015 and, as silly as it seems, I never realized how much human interaction revolved around food.

All of a sudden when people starting saying

  • "Let’s grab coffee."
  • "We're going to have our meeting over lunch"
  • My husband calls or texts "let’s go out to eat tonight"
  • "we got tons of food for the party on Saturday"

You get where I am going with this.

All of sudden I have to tell them, "I'm not sure if I can go" .

I love people and love interacting with them . If someone asked me last minute to grab some food, I used to go immediately with no thought behind it .

Now that I have Celiac disease, it takes a little bit of planning and research before going out. Because of this, I can see many Celiacs left out of participating socially simply because they can't eat with them. Luckily, I have great friends and family who always ask if where we are going has options for me.

If you are new to Celiac Disease, here are some things that I do when someone calls/texts saying that they want to grab food.

1. See if they have a place in mind and look up their allergen menu and see if they have options for me . If they do, winning !!!!

2. If they don’t have a place in mind give suggestions of places that I have been before and not been glutenized (my made up word for get gluten through contamination )

3. If they have a place in mind and seems like the only safe food is salad ( don’t get me wrong I love salad but for every meal it gets old) . I go to my quick meals of either gluten free chicken nuggets, a gluten free burrito, etc so I can eat it before I go. Then at the restaurant I get a small dish or salad so I can socialized. 

4. If they aren’t in a rush to get food invite them over. That way you definitely know what is going in your food and you can try a new gluten free dish you been eyeing

5. I am also a constant snacker so if all else fails I am least not starving. Right now my go to is popchips sour cream and onion, Krave jerky, boomchickapop popcorn

Update June 30, 2017: My husband is an occupational therapist who has strong interests in accessibility in the home and out in the community. It is amazing how many people with disabilities, including those with allergies,  are unable to socialize out in restaurants and events simply because there is no access to the area or food choices on the menu.

I am thankful that having celiac has made me aware and accountable for what I am putting in my body .

Thank you for reading! 

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