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  • Abs and Core - July 12, 2017
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For this experience, I tried the general Yoga class my community offered at night time. Overall, it went great! Even though I had some pain, my body did not hurt any worse than it did coming in. I actually felt a little looser and flexible immediately after the class I am definitely going to be attending the class again!
Part of the Trying Something New Series. This time I tried Zumba, an aerobic fitness program. I was super excited to go back to my roots of being a dancer for 14 years. Be ready to mess up and feel a little embarrassed because the dance moves can be a bit tricky.

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My name is Dallas and I, along with my husband, are the owners of The GF Peach. When my health, and finances hit the fan, I found peace and financial comfort through blogging. Now, I love working to help others find that peace and do the same.

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