5 Things I Learned Since Being Diagnosed With Celiac Disease



5 Things I Learned About Celiac Disease

Being diagnosed with Celiac, Fibro, and Raynaud's changed my life.

Although it's easy to point out the negatives, there are fairly positive things that happened since my diagnoses diagnosed.

  • More self-aware
  • Conscious of the food I eat 
  • forced to be more sociable to restaurant employees and staff
  • Open minded when it comes to illness especially "invisible" ones.
  • Pay better attention to others tone, body language, and facial expressions especially when using the words "I am gluten free"

Little did I know that these were some of the most under diagnosed, misdiagnosed and misunderstood diseases known in today's modern healthcare.

Here are the top 5 things I learned since my diagnoses.

There Are Many Misconceptions Surrounding Celiac, Fibromyalgia, Raynaud's And Weight

Some of my favorite quotes are...

“So you can't have just a little bit of this, it won’t make you to sick?”

"Oh your so skinny I wish I could be your size?" These one probably gets under my skin the most. Being skinny is just as unhealthy as being overweight. I have a malabsorption issue and it is a daily struggle to try to gain even the slightest bit of weight.

"You have a food allergy?" No, it is an autoimmune diease

"You’re too young to have this condition." Well please inform my body and condition of that.

"If you are tired just go take a nap or rest." I wish fatigue would just go away after a rest.

"You don’t look sick!" All of us dislike this saying so much because we choose to be fighters and to not let these diagnoses define us. We chose to remain positive and put that smile on when we are asked how we are doing? Many times you just don’t feel like explaining all of our symptoms so we say we are fine or okay but deep down there is pain, emotions going on. We are Warriors.

For All My Celiacs - Gluten Free is Our Way Of Life

Celiac Disease is a serious autoimmune disorder that can occur in genetically predisposed people where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine. It is estimated to affect 1 in 100 people worldwide.

I did not know so many products contain gluten: hair products, deodorant, sunscreen, lotion, vitamins, medicines (anti-inflammatories), make up, and dental products usually contain gluten. I thought that after changing my diet, I eliminated my arch nemesis GLUTEN.

Wrong, Dallas, Wrong. Had to change deodorant, hair products, couldn’t take anti- inflammatory medicines when I was having minor aches and pains, etc.

On a side not, props to all of Celiacs for becoming expert label readers!!!!

For example, how many times have products said they are gluten free, just for you to flip it over and see the dread processed in a facility containing peanuts, WHEAT, blah, blah and your blood just starts to boil a little?

For My Spoonies - If You Let It, Your Condition Will Wear On Your Mind, Body, And Soul

We will all have our good days and lets be for real, a good day is where you can move with minimal pain and our flare days/weeks/months/years. What has helped me through some of the toughest times is to lean on other spoonies (message me on Instagram @TheGF_Peach if you need someone to talk to, I promise I will respond as I know how beneficial it is to have spoonies to vent and talk to ). I also try hard to maintain a positive attitude.

Now all of us are humans and are allowed to have our Eeyore days. During those days, I try my best to find small victories. Such as, oh today I accomplished cleaning the dishes, or I got to take my amazing son for a bike ride. I try to celebrate those victories no matter how small they seem to others. 

 Another, thing I try is taking 15-30 minutes a day to focus on me. For me, that is working out. Granted I am not the strongest person in the gym or have all the stamina any more but I am doing something that brings me joy. For others that can be singing, watching a show, reading a book, etc. Make time for yourself and it will bring a better mentality to conquer the day !

I Am My Biggest Advocate And I Know My Body Better Than Anyone Else

Including doctors...

If something continues to be a problem for me that is my weight. I kept going back to the doctors and saying this is not right, I should not be losing weight at this pace. I heard so many snickery statements like "why are you complaining about being thin?"

My Answer: Because it is effecting my health and life. It was so hard to look at my beautiful blessing of a son and worry about keeping up with him as he grew. Regardless of those statements, I kept pushing and seeing different physicians, doctors, till finally someone took a look at what I was saying to begin my journey to getting a diagnosis.

Life Is Different And I Accept I Will Not Be The Old Dallas

I know that I am no longer my old self. Beyond the aches and pains I feel throughout the day, I know that I no longer look at the world the same. I also have to pick my choose my battles when being social and going out to eat with friends.

I am no longer the girl that could, in a moment’s notice, go to a restaurant with a friend. Now it is a process to analyze the menu, call the restaurant to ask about gluten free options, not to mention the worry of cross contamination.

I am no longer the girl to take on any physical challenge or invite. I am the girl that says no to hikes and cancels workouts because I am running low on spoons.

Now I carry various gluten free snacks strategically placed in my backpack, the car, the in laws etc. I also can’t go out dancing or hiking as often as I did. If I do feel well enough it only lasts a short amount of time before I am in pain or fatigued. And that’s ok.

Why? Because I am on the road to becoming a healthy Dallas that will be able to see my son grow and grow old with my husband. That is all that matters to me.

That's all for my top 5 things I've learned since being diagnosed​


  • What are you thankful for despite your illness?
  • What are some misconceptions surrounding you personally?
  • What are some things you have learned since being diagnosed with your condition?