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30 Easy Ways to Save Money Of Food And Fitness

30 Easy Ways To Save Money On Food And Fitness July 30, 2017 BY COSMO MORABBI, THE GF PEACH GUYTHIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS. PLEASE READ GF PEACH’S DISCLOSURE FOR MORE INFO.Money, Fitness, and Food. Three of the top 5 most important things to living a great, healthy, long life. The other two being […]

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Yoga – Trying Something New

For this experience, I tried the general Yoga class my community offered at night time. Overall, it went great! Even though I had some pain, my body did not hurt any worse than it did coming in. I actually felt a little looser and flexible immediately after the class I am definitely going to be attending the class again!

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Zumba – Trying Something New

Part of the Trying Something New Series. This time I tried Zumba, an aerobic fitness program. I was super excited to go back to my roots of being a dancer for 14 years. Be ready to mess up and feel a little embarrassed because the dance moves can be a bit tricky.

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